Barbara Robertson

I'm an author and journalist.

I've written two books and contributed to five. My articles about visual effects, animation, VR, computer graphics, dogs, and travel have won major awards. And, I've begun writing about gardening.

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The Bark

Dog Is in the Details

In a gathering storm centered on the policies of animal shelters, temperament testing has become a lightning rod. Some resource- and space-starved shelters—which might have once chosen dogs for adoption based on such specious criteria as color, size, age, breed or length of time in the shelter—now use a series...

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The Bark

Pixar’s Up

When cranky old Carl Fredricksen a widower and former balloon salesman, lifts his house with a thousand helium-filled balloons and soars off on a long-anticipated quest, the last thing on his mind is a kid or a dog. So, that’s exactly what directors Pete Docter and  Bob Peterson give him...

The Bark

Wonder Dogs

They’re more than our best friends, they’re our partners. For millennia, dogs have lived and worked at our side, helping us in ways too numerous to count. Even now, the words we use to classify dogs remind us of the tasks we once assigned them: herding, tracking, retrieving, working, companion....

The Bark

Tintin and Snowy

The star of the enormously popular comic book series “The Adventures of Tintin,” by Hergé (Belgian artist Georges Rémi), is a young reporter named Tintin. But it’s Tintin’s constant companion, the spunky Wire Fox Terrier Snowy, who sparks the stories. Snowy provides comic relief, rescues Tintin from danger, butts into...

The Bark

Bark's 100 Best & Brightest

—Barbara Robertson. Marc Bekoff, professor emeritus of ecology and evolutionary biology at the. University of Colorado,. Boulder, has studied dogs, wolves and ......